Al Osais Crusher

A new lease on earth, requirements increase with demands in new constructions, planned cities, expansion of existing townships and with new peojects being awarded kingdom wide.

Power Division

Currently executing its 43rd project, propells a division to fine tune its work envelope. NG - SA gives a pat on the back. for refurbishing, rehabilitating and reinforcing existing substations. 

Al Osais Contracting

Two Project for Royal Commission of Jubail in its closing stages. C12 completed and ready for handover. A total of 624 completed villas.

Our Subsidaries

Having diversified into Commercial Buildings, Site Development, Pipeline Services, Marine Works, Scaffolding, Heavy Lifting, Rig Movement, Power Project & OHTL, Heavy lifting Services & Rig Movement Services

Affiliated Companies

HVAC Design, Supply & Installation
Heating Technology, Electrical & Building Material Supply, Quality Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control services


Construction & Engineering Services, Industrial Maintenance for Petrochemical, Oil & Gas Industry, Thrust boring & Pipeline Services. Quality Assurance Inspection & Technical Services, Transportation & Logistics, IT Services


Commercial buildings, residential complexes and Industrial buildings, which include site development, infrastructure and utilities. all types of construction, structural steel works, marine works, plant infrastructural civil works.